It’s that time of the year again! Temperatures are rising, spring has sprung and it’s almost summer. And with it comes – humidity. The air feels thick like you could swim through it and, despite that shower you just took, your shirt is already sticking to your back! Gotta love summer!

I do love summer. I get out and exercise more with longer walks in my favorite local parks, go swimming and generally enjoy the outdoors more.

Lots of other organisms like summer too. Things like mold, mildew and the fungus that causes ‘musty’ smells. Many basements become more damp at this time every year due not only to rising humidity but also due to higher groundwater from spring rains.

This is a good way to understand these organisms – they like water. They flourish whenever and wherever water is found. So that shower stall? Be sure and use that squeegee before you leave the stall. The basement? You can help ease the situation by running a de-humidifier throughout the humid summer months. That RV that sat up all winter? It could probably use a good airing out and it certainly wouldn’t hurt to run the de-humidifier there as well.

There are many many places where reducing the water load can help reduce the growth of these organisms. But these measures can only reduce the growth. There are spores from these organisms all around us and in the air. This is normal. (Ever see little dust motes in a sunbeam? I wonder how much of that is really spores?) So even after you have cleaned and disinfected, the first time you open that door to the outside world, you are allowing a little cloud of those spores coming back in to re-infect if they can. Controlling their food source – water – will help determine if you have a bad infestation or just something that needs to be managed at certain times of the year.

Low levels of spores are normal and we can’t easily stop it. At higher concentrations, however, spores can cause health problems in people with already weakened defenses, or people with allergies. So if you need to deal with an infestation, you can rely on either SNiPER or Nok-Out for a treatment plan thatwill remove mold but does not require protective gear to apply, that works well and even clean away the spores in the air, all without creating a toxic environment for you and your family.

Dealing with these issues yourself can save you thousands of dollars. And, since you know that our products are safe in your home, you can rest easy knowing you are not contributing to a toxic household. You can remove mold from your home with Sniper. Here’s how.

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