“Dear Nok-Out and Sniper,

You saved my
furry butt again!

Forever yours,
Smelly Cat”


Real Stories from Real People Who Love Nok-Out and SNiPER®

Here’s Our Latest Testimonial:

Aviary Parasites

I wrote Ted about parasites in my Pigeon coop: ” I’ve used Sniper for parvo elimination before but I wanted to know if it would kill tricomoniasis parasites in a pigeon coop.” Ted wrote back that he wasn’t sure whether Sniper would kill it, but that Sniper is known to kill giardia – another parasite – so he thought maybe it might, and for sure, it wouldn’t harm any of my birds. I want to tell you that I did use Sniper in my pigeon coop and it seems that it did the trick! No further illnesses after spraying down my coop a couple of times!
We also recently had a partial basement flood. We had cat litter and poop, rabbit poop etc sitting in the water for more than 24 hours. Once we removed the water my basement smelled like a zoo! I sprayed Sniper everywhere using a fogger and all I can say is WOW! My husband had doubts that the smell would go away.

Thank you Sniper!

Lorie Shamaly

Stephanie M., Aug 26, 2020, writes:

Nok-Out Saved Our Washing Machine

My washing machine smelled sulfurous, and it stank up the whole room. It may be the design of the machine, or maybe the drainage pipes. I would run the washing machine on the tub-clean cycle, I would add bleach, I tried borax. Nothing helped. Just as I was shopping for a new washing machine, I remembered Nok-Out. It was in the cabinet from a few years ago when our kitchen got smelly from a burned pot of stew. Several times that day I sprayed the machine with a solution of diluted Nok-Out. It was helping. So I sprayed it one more time with undiluted Nok-Out. In a couple of hours, the stink was gone! It has not returned! I'm thrilled I don't have to buy a new washing machine!!

Ellen S.Mar 19, 2020, writes:

Living In the Country with Dogs –
Nok-Out Is a Life Saver!

Nok-Out is such a lifesaver, I wanted to share how we depend on it: Dogs barf on our tile floor? No problem, clean up and sanitize! Does dog have a run-in with a skunk? Less of a problem, since we sanitize and rub down with Nok-Out first, before bathing, wash the collar in Nok-Out too. Dog rolls in cow pattie? Nok-Out spray all over, rub down, soak collar in Nokout and wash, rinse, repeat as needed. Usually, two rub downs will do! We sanitize EVERYthing, since we live with two large dogs. THANK YOU FOREVER!

Ellen Newton Stetson, and Dale Stetson Living in the Country with Nokout! Shreveport

Becky T., Dec 3, 2019, writes:

Nok-Out Rescued My Italian Leather Couch. It's Like New!

This is such a super product it is well worth the price. I was in the process of throwing out an Italian leather couch that you can imagine we paid a premium price for. I treated the couch according to your website directions but could still smell my cat's attempt at decorating. Being ready to throw it out, I just took the gallon jug I had purchased previously and poured it over the cushions and base. It was either save or throw out. After letting it dry for several days it was time to test it out. We feel like we have a new couch! Not a smell one and no damage to the leather.

Penny N., Nov 6, 2018, writes:

Your Product Is Amazing

I would like to share this....I bought a t-shirt from Target. It smelled awful. I thought if I washed it the smell would leave. Nope, after five washings it still smelled awful. So, last resort, I laid it in my tub and sprayed it down with Nok-Out. I let it sit all day while I was at work. And what do you know....the smell was gone. I washed it again and wore it the next day. I was astounded. Your product is amazing. Oh, and the material of the t-shirt is 95% viscose and 5% elastane. No idea which was made it stink.

John D.Mar 19, 2020, writes:

Nok-Out Exceeded My Expectations

I have been extremely satisfied with this product. It has exceeded my expectations. I have large dogs and the Nok-Out really works to keep the dog smell out of the house. I especially like this because it stops the smell of dog poop and pee when it happens indoors.

Carrie T., Aug 24, 2020, writes:

This Product Does What It Promises!

With three little dogs, we have our share of 'mishaps'. After using 4 different products and methods, three stains with odors remained. Ugh! I found Not-Out online and reluctantly ordered the 26oz. bottled - what did I have to lose? Well........turns out we lost the odors and stains!!! This product WORKS GREAT! DOES WHAT IT SAYS with no harm to the carpet. We are so HAPPY and PLEASED, ordered a gallon for the house. Thanks, Nok-Out!

Colleen S.Jun 19, 2018, writes:

Nok-Out Will Always Be at My House

I had been watching a used car for several months and upon receiving a price reduction alert, went to look at it. It had a nice leather interior but there was an unusual odor. The dealer was sure it wasn’t smoke but agreed to a lower price. The odd part is that the smell seemed to go away shortly after starting the car, but was still there each time I opened the door. I had about half a gallon of Nok-Out, so after a week, I sprayed it, all over after dinner. The next morning it really smelled of smoke! That told me the oxidation had begun! Nearly 3 treatments later, things were improving. So, I pulled out a vaporizer and let it run with the car closed up. I am happy to say the odors are gone and I just ordered another gallon. Nok-Out will always be at my house!

Michelle C., Nov 8, 2018, writes:

Still Doing My Happy Dance!

I bought a house and there was this awful smell in one of the closets that I could not locate nor eliminate. Something like old musty cigarettes. It was awful. Tried baking soda, activated charcoal, and bought an air purifier. All to no avail. A friend heard about Nok-Out and I figured I had nothing to lose, although I didn't hold out much hope. Initially, the smell intensified and was mixed with a chlorine smell and I thought I was doomed. But, once the product dried the smell was gone. Like eliminated gone. Completely and totally gone. Still can't believe it, so much so, that I often walk past the closet and open the door and take a big wiff and smile to myself. It's been a few weeks and there is no more smell. I don't usually leave testimonials but this truly deserves it. Still doing my happy dance!

Sheryl G.Apr 13, 2018, writes:

Thank You For An Awesome Product!

Here is my experience with your product, Nok-Out: I rent an attic apartment in a house above an enclosed breezeway where my landlady keeps her elderly dogs while she is at work. Unfortunately, the dogs pee on the bare cement and it is hard for her to keep up on cleaning it. Thankfully, my apartment does not smell but when I open my door to go down the stairs, the smell hits me in the face. I took a vaporizer and did the 1 cup of Nok- Out in 1 gallon of water and ran it on high until the water was gone, about 4 hours. The day after I did it, NO SMELL! I may have to do this every so often but THANK YOU for an awesome product! Btw, I have 2 cats, and have their litter box is in my bathroom. I keep up on the sifting but after stirring things up, one spritz gets rid of the smell! I have already told my friends and family about Nok-Out!  Sincerely, A Satisfied Customer

Aspen H.May 29, 2019, writes:

Sniper Left No Smell, Fumes, or Discoloration – I Use It Everywhere!

I heard about Nok-Out and Sniper when researching online for ways to get rid of the smell of cat urine. After reading reviews, I ended up ordering a bottle of Sniper and was cautiously optimistic. You see, we had adopted a feral kitten who decided my daughter was "his" and one day, out of nowhere, began marking and peeing all over her bed, dirty laundry, blankets, toys...basically, anything that smelled like her. I tried EVERYTHING I could to retrain him and clean everything but I thought we were going to have to get my daughter a new mattress, rip out the carpets, and get rid of the cat to get rid of the smell. But, Sniper has been AMAZING. I was able to completely remove all urine and scent from the carpets, mattresses, clothing, and toys. It worked beautifully and left no smell, no fumes, and didn't leave any discoloration. Sniper is now my cleaner of choice at home and I use it everywhere to clean and sanitize as well as freshen the air. I even use it in my daughter's gym shoes and soccer bag. Thank you so much. Seriously the best product on the market.


    1. Always allow the site to dry completely after applying Nok-Out. As an oxidizer, Nok-Out must dry to complete the job.
    2. Residual odors from household fires (as when the popcorn burns up in the microwave) can be treated with a good spray of Nok-Out.
    3. Recreational vehicles, when re-opened for the season may be completely deodorized and sanitized with Nok-Out. Learn more here.
    4. Spray Nok-Out around the base of the toilet. Allow it to penetrate into the grout.
    5. Stinky shoes and boots will smell fresh as new when treated with Nok-Out. Spray directly in the shoes daily to prevent intolerable odor build-up.
    6. After the party is over, refresh your home by spraying Nok-Out all over the house. Use as fine a misting sprayer as possible for the best penetrating results.

Lisa B.Mar 10, 2018, writes:

This Stuff is MAGIC!

I ordered the 16oz Sniper to try and I LOVE it! I bought it to help with smoke odor and it works great. Tried it on a suede jacket that had a musty mildew smell it worked! I have tried everything to get rid of that smell and nothing worked, but it smells like leather now, no musty smell at all. You have to be careful with the suede not to leave spray marks. I am back to order the gallon! This stuff is MAGIC!!

Maura S., Sept 23, 2017, writes:

Nothing Worked Except Nok-Out

We adopted a beautiful baby kitten, Jeffrey Charles, and chose not to neuter him (indoor cat). Well, he had created his harem in my sister and I and let everyone else know by marking throughout the living and dining rooms. I purchased Nok-Out and sprinkled the cat-sprayed areas of carpet through a watering can. The smell is gone!!! I had tried many other products. Nothing worked except Nok-Out. Jeffrey gets to keep his bits and pieces and we get to keep our sanity.

Amber R.Apr 27, 2018, writes:

Ted Is So Knowledgeable
and Eager To Help

I first got it to remove the cigarette penetrated walls of my rental property. To my shock, it worked! Not a trace of the odor left behind. Not a week later my dog got sprayed by a skunk. I immediately reached for this, and again to my surprise, it worked! Not a trace. I am thoroughly surprised it took care of the worst smells I've encountered. Keeping this around. And Ted is so knowledgeable and eager to help me understand the workings and proper application for the best results. The efficacy of this product is unmatched. Real life saver!

Deborah H.Feb 8, 2018, writes:

Absolutely Pet Friendly Products

Fantastic product. I’ve used this with dogs, cats, and horses, as well as in my laundry and in cleaning. It’s gentle, doesn’t leave a chemical smell, and is absolutely pet friendly. THANKS!

Barbara P., Dec 14, 2017, writes:

Only Product That Gets Rid of Smoke

Unfortunately, we have had several fireplace accidents...this is the only product that gets rid of the smoke smell from everything. clothing, furniture, and now Christmas presents. Thank you, Ted!!!

Stephanie R.Sept 27, 2016, writes:

It's Nice To Not Smell Mice

Received my Nok-Out and it worked great! had mice in the car and could not get the nasty odor out. This really worked! It is nice to get in the car and not smell mice!

Beth M.May 16, 2017, writes:

Nok-Out Is AWESOME!!

My son adopted a dog who "marks" his territory and since I dog sit him, we've had our share of his markings. But thanks to Nok-Out as soon as I discover his markings, I spray the spot and let it sit for a few minutes, then I wipe out. There is never a lingering smell of urine after the treatments. Nok-out is AWESOME!! I also spray my two dogs with it directly and also spray their beds...Thank you Nok-Out for creating this great product.

Brenda A., Apr 25, 2017, writes:

Sniper Solved My Mold Problem

I suspected I had mold in a space under my sunroom that had no access without ripping out hardwood flooring. I put Sniper in a bottle and put a nail hole in the lid. Then I squeezed Sniper between every plank of the hardwood floor. Problem solved. A few weeks later, I did go over the surface of the floor to clean up the Sniper film.

Brenda L.Apr 24, 2017, writes:

Sniper Saved My Silk Scarf

I just found a new use for Sniper. I bought a beautiful silk scarf at an estate sale. I noticed it had a slight off odor (perfume? smoke?) I sprayed a washcloth with Sniper so it was just slightly damp. Then I gently folded the scarf around the washcloth and patted it. The scarf now smells fresh and I did not have to take the chance of trying to wash a dry clean silk scarf.

Catherine C.Sept 9, 2016, writes:

Nok-Out and Sniper – The Holy Grails of Cleaning Products!

We had had an unfortunate and major cat and human urine situation going on at my parents' house for the last four years. My 90-year-old mother was "taming" a feral cat in her sunroom and this cat was not neutered and sprayed/marked the room for literally three years. I did my best to mitigate the smell with endless applications of supposedly pet-specific enzymes which helped a bit but could not truly address the smell problem for any amount of time. The other issue was dealing with my 92-year-old father's issues with accurately using the toilet in the powder room. Again nothing would fully eradicate the smell of urine from the tiles and grout around the toilet base no matter how much I cleaned and scrubbed.

Finally out of desperation I went into a chat room for cleaning professionals and found they were singing the praises of two products called Nok Out and Sniper. Needless to say, I found the holy grails of the cleaning product worlds. Both products are outstanding and Sniper literally ended ANY and ALL powder room urine smells, ditto the cat urine smells in the sunroom. The house finally smells COMPLETELY clean and neutral again. It's a huge load off of my mind and it's great not feeling sickened or embarrassed by unpleasant smells in my parents' home after over four years of trying to address the problems with other cleaning products. Thank you to Ted for his kind advice and superior customer service!

Vince R.Jan 31, 2018, writes:

We Have Used This for Several Years – It Works Great.

We do an agricultural education program on our farm bringing second graders from local schools out to visit. Last year in September/October we had something die under our "classroom". When we smelled the critter we had a class coming out the next day. I sprayed under the building as best I could soaking and spraying everything I could get at. The next day when the class arrived in the morning there was no odor. As the day progressed and got warm, we had temps in the seventies, no one noticed any odor. I checked the area several times and could not smell anything. We have used the product for several years. I have also used it to remove chemical odors from wood structures. The product works great. Thank you!

Jennifer N., Nov 4, 2016, writes:

My Room No Longer Smells of Urine!

Our rescue dog has not yet learned how to signal us that she needs to go out to go potty, and thus, our front room carpet has taken a beating with urine. Sometimes I don't know it's there until hours after it has happened. I tried numerous products, several of which claimed to have enzymes to combat urine, but I could never get rid of the urine smell, even after repeated cleanings. My mother heard about your product through a site called Everyday Cheapskate and said people just rave about it, so I gave it a try. I soaked the smelly areas of my carpet thoroughly, let it sit for several minutes, blotted up the excess, and let it air dry. My room no longer smells of urine! Thank you!

Maria C., Dec 10, 2015, writes:

I 100% Recommend This Product

I have 5 cats and 1 of them pees all over the house. My house looks like a maze as I have gates and screens all over the place to keep the cat off the furniture and carpets. But even with all that, the cat still manages to "break in" and pee. I was literally faced with throwing away more than 4 couches. I tried every product I could find to eliminate the odor and nothing really worked. My last, desperate purchase was Nok-Out and it worked. I can't believe it, but it's true. I just purchased 4 gallons because it is saving my life. I 100% recommend this product. It is everything it says it is.

Glenn B.Sept 6, 2016, writes:

If You Own a Pet...You Need Nok-Out. It's That Simple.

I’m sold on your product. It actually works. If you own a pet that lives indoors, you need Nok-Out. It’s just that simple. I like that it disinfects, deodorizes, is safe around humans and pets, and leaves NO masking odor. Moreover, Nok-Out is actually economical to use when you consider that it is typically used in diluted form. Thanks for a great product that does what it says it will do!

Monica R., Aug 26, 2016, writes:

Nok-Out Is The Only Product That Works!

I read an article about Nok-Out in my local paper. I have a cat that has litter box issues and decided to use my sofa instead of her litter box. The odor of cat urine is almost impossible to eliminate and I tried various products to no avail. Once I read about Nok-Out I gave it a try and, to my amazement, the cat urine odor is completely gone. Since then, I always have a gallon of Nok-Out in my house. It's the only product that works!

Mary S.July 29, 2016, writes:

I'm Sold On This Great Product

After learning about the wonders of Nok-Out through the Cheapskate newspaper column I gave it a try on an old musty farmhouse. It worked like magic, musty odor quickly eliminated. And spraying musty flip flops and shoes gave me amazing clean-smelling results. I'm sold on this great product. Even spraying the air in an old house with musty odor just changes air to fresh quickly. Never before have I used such a fine product that works as it states.

Tim G.Jun 5, 2017, writes:

Well Worth The Price

I have been using Sniper in the offshore oil industry as both a disinfectant and a deodorizer for years. It has eliminated old water smells of toilets and bathrooms not used in a year where the water sat and molded mildewed and stank. As well as being injected into our old quarters AC vents to prevent mold buildup. Always worked better than anything comparable and well worth the price.

Jacquelyn G., July 20, 2016, writes:

This Product Is Unbelievable!

This product is unbelievable! We are babysitting our daughter's Golden Retriever in our motorhome and was surprised how much she smelled like a dog in a small space, but Nok-Out took care of all odor, amazing.

Lew A.Apr 21, 2016, writes:

Nok-Out Completely Worked As Advertised

I was initially skeptical, but Nok-Out completely worked as advertised. I had a kitchen fire that left a very strong smoke odor throughout the kitchen despite a full week of constant cleaning throughout every inch of the space and airing out the space 24/7. Nothing worked. Yet, when I sprayed Nok-Out throughout the kitchen it completely got rid of the odor. It didn't even leave a new odor. Just got rid of it. I've purchased more for my car interior.

Michele M.July 26, 2016, writes:

Your Product Is a Miracle Worker

My dogs managed to get skunked again last night and as I previously found out, your product is a miracle worker regarding neutralizing the smell. We have a 105 lbs. Rotti and a "small" dog that is 75 lbs. and they have now been full frontal sprayed twice. The first time they received about 6 peroxide/soap baths and still stunk. The house was a disaster as they shook the skunk oil all over the place before we grabbed them. I thought of the Nok-Out for the house and also applied it to the dogs. It worked like a champ. Even when it needs repeat applications, it still 'noks out' the smell to a huge degree each time.

The last time this happened I didn't think of Nok-Out until about day 4, so the dogs and house still reeked even with ~6 baths each with the peroxide mixture. Once we started with Nok-Out, it made it much better quickly. This time we started with your product and I spritzed my floors, walls, dogs, and did the laundry as you recommended and my house smells great today all within 24 hours! TOTAL WIN! Thank you so much for making such a wonderful product. It works so much better than any other product I have found.

Joni M.Jan 12, 2016, writes:

I Will Continue to Recommend Your Products Again and Again

My first time using Nok-Out was with cat urine. Our elderly cat (which developed kidney disease) saturated a brand new easy chair cushion. I forced vinegar water, various cleaners, and other "remedies" through the fibers, but the smell remained. Then I ordered Nok-Out and followed the directions. After saturating the area and beyond with Nok-Out, I set the cushion outside to dry thoroughly. When I did finally check it out, there was ABSOLUTELY NO FOUL SMELL! I was SO impressed I began finding other areas where I could use it. Nok-Out/Sniper is the best stuff I've ever used. Now I have 6 indoor cats and people never realize there are any cats here, unless they actually see them! Even property managers have visited and asked "how do you keep your house smelling so good?" Thank you, Nok-Out! I will continue to recommend your products again and again.

Joni K.Jan 21, 2017, writes:

I Recommend Nok-Out to Everyone!

The first time I used Nok-Out was when I had a cat with kidney problems. She was old, frail and one time chose the brand new easy chair cushion when she couldn't make it to the little box. Even though I carried her to the other room, it wasn't before she had saturated an area the size of a dinner plate. We used every remedy available to no avail. Then I finally heeded Mary Hunt's advice and ordered Nok-Out. As soon as it arrived, I read through the instructions, took the cushion outside, poured Nok-Out in an area even larger than her stain, and waited. The cushion was outside on a warm summer day for hours before it was dry. I'll admit, I did NOT believe it would work and genuinely feared that heat just aggravated the smell. Then I picked up the cushion – was I in for a pleasant surprise. Not only was there NO smell of cat urine, but it was also basically SMELL FREE!!! I recommended Nok-Out to friends, strangers, everyone! Thanks for a product that works!

Janet J.Nov 19, 2015, writes:

It's Remarkable How Effective This Product Is

I first purchased Nok-Out to eliminate the smell of cigarette smoke in a used car I purchased. I am a life long nonsmoker and the smell disgusted me. My friend told me I would NEVER be able to rid the car of the smoke smell if the car got warm. I tried Febreese and other agents and then read about Nok-Out in a newspaper column called Everyday Cheapskate by Mary Hunt so I bought it. It is great! It totally eliminated the smell of cigarette smoke from the car – even when it got hot.

My most recent purchase was to get rid of the smell of fuel oil that was accidentally spilled in our basement when our old oil tank was removed. It worked perfectly. After enduring 10 days of oil smell, the odor is completely gone. I did have to treat the basement twice but it is still remarkable how effective this product is. I am recommending it to the car dealer who sold me the used car and to all my friends and relatives. Thanks for making such a wonderful product.

Melanee E., June 1, 2015, writes:

I Have 36 Ferrets In My House...but You Can't Smell Them!

I run a ferret shelter and use pet carriers to haul the ferrets around. We frequently have them in the carriers for a few days at a time, so when ferrets miss the litter box in the carrier, it can get pretty smelly pretty fast! I use Nok-Out to clean all the corners and within a short time, the entire carrier smells fresh! Can't do that with antiseptic wipes! Plus, I can put a ferret back into the carrier right after cleaning since the cleaner is nontoxic! It's a big win for us! Thanks for helping me keep the ferret smell down! I currently have 36 ferrets in my house and Nok-Out helps me make sure my house doesn't smell like ferrets!

Barbara W.Oct 28, 2015, writes:

Incredible Product That is Not Toxic for Pets

I do dog rescue and take care of LOTS of dogs. After spending time and money on different creams and shampoo for Ringworm and mange, I bought a bottle of Nok-Out. All dogs were almost clear of both mange and Ringworm in less than a week. Hair was growing back in three days and I only sprayed the dog's fur once. Incredible product and the best part is it's not toxic so if dogs or cats lick themselves, it won't hurt them.

Amy B., Oct 21, 2015, writes:

For Christmas, I'm Giving Away Nok-Out!

I first used Nok-Out last year. My sons had soccer shoes that smelled like cat urine. I tried all kinds of fresheners and washing products, with no luck. Your product took the smell right out! Also, one of my sons had his lunch box sprayed with perfume as a "joke." I thought I would have to throw it out, as nothing would take away the smell. Nok-Out came through again. This year for Christmas I am giving away bottles of your product to a few of our family members who have kids and pets. I know they will love it too!

Neva K.Oct 6, 2015, writes:

Thank You For This Product!

My daughter's apartment began to develop a mold problem after heavy rains this past May. The apartment owner didn't seem to think there was a problem, so he didn't address the situation. Through the summer heat, mold became a problem and the owner decided to send in someone to check on the problem. The repairman tried to fix the problem by spraying toxic chemicals into the ductwork to kill the mold. The chemicals began spewing out onto my daughter's bed, clothes, furniture, etc. She began to experience serious respiratory problems. We had no choice but to immediately move her out of the apartment and put her furniture into storage. We brought all of her clothing to our home and have been working on restoring as much as possible. Before remembering about Nok Out, we tried soaking many of her clothes in vinegar, dried them out in the sun, used special non-toxic laundry detergents, etc. A LOT seemed to be headed for the trash.

I ordered a gallon of Nok-Out and began working on the rest of the clothing, shoes, luggage, etc.. It has taken a month, and most of the clothes are going to pass the test, I believe. After she gets resettled into another apartment, we are going to have to deal with her toxic furniture. All of her bedding had to be thrown out, as it had been saturated with chemicals. I had tried 5 different times to get the chemicals out of the sheets. At this point, we are considering throwing out her mattresses, too, but want to try Nok Out on her sofa, chairs, etc. My experience with Nok Out has been very positive. I ruined only one dress that apparently, was not supposed to be washed. Other items that do have "Dry Clean Only" labels, I have successfully sprayed inside and out with Nok Out and let them air dry. Most of them have "recovered." I just wanted to give you our story and say thank you for this product! 

Watona B.Oct 28, 2014, writes:

Thank Goodness For Nok-Out

I bought a trailer at the lake which was totally wood-paneled, even the ceilings. The previous owner was a chain smoker and it reeked of cigarette smoke. I, luckily, found Nok-Out and after spraying every inch of the wood, the smell was TOTALLY GONE! There were even droplets of rust-colored liquid nicotine hanging from the ceiling which the Nok Out removed. I then purchased more for our four dogs and three cats who live in our house. Thank goodness for Nok-Out, because we could not have our beloved animals with us without it.

Kendra B., Nov 19, 2014, writes:

Nok-Out Really Did The Trick

I had a Kantha quilt/bedspread bought directly from a seller in India, and it had an awful chemical smell. The seller said that it was probably due to the quilt being wrapped in plastic for "some days" and advised washing it. Even after one washing, the nauseating odor persisted. There was no way I could sleep with that thing on me. I sprayed it thoroughly with Nok-Out and let it sit for a while; then I washed it again, just in cold water. Nok-Out really did the trick. The odor is completely gone. I will also use it on upholstery that still smells of mildew even after professional cleaning.

Nancy P.Feb 17, 2015, writes:

His Hair Looks Fantastic!

Found another great use for Nok Out. My husband is handicapped and uses his recliner a lot and has a cowlick on the back of his head. I spray his hair, massage it in and comb. His hair looks fantastic! It also can be used to remove rust stains from concrete!!! I cleaned the area where an old car sat for 3 years then sprayed with Nok Out and as it dried the rust stains faded away and are hardly visible. I'll redo it and am sure it will take care of the job. It got rid of the rust in my concrete birdbath too!

Susan A.Jan 27, 2015, writes:

You Have Saved Me So Much Money – Thank You!

Thanks, Ted and Lou! Your great product has saved me again! I have 2 basement apartments in my not pet-friendly town and once again, I rented to the wrong person. This time I was sure that I was going to have to replace both the living room and bedroom carpets. After a pro cleaner cleaned and treated with his urine neutralizer (2 bottles instead of the usual 1), it reeked so badly that I could hardly stand to be in there to treat with Nok-Out. After 2 heavy treatments, I was still certain that it was not going to work this time. One full gallon later and it is ready to rent! Once again, you have saved me so much money and kept me willing to give another animal lover a chance! Thank you, thank you thank you!

Nancy G.Oct 18, 2014, writes:

I'm Amazed At How Great It Worked

I've been using Nok-Out a long time but recently found a new use and was amazed at how great it worked. I've been having a problem with my fountain. It gets slimy with black gunk in the vents of the pump. That makes the fountain start to throw water out the front and the flow gets out of sorts. So I decided to try some Nok-Out. Using just a half tablespoon the problem was solved!!! No more funny flow and I haven't had to clean out the pump in over a month! Love your product! Plus I've been using the Nok-Out as you recommended on the pet water bowls and now there is no black or green muck to constantly clean up.

Bob M., Aug 22, 2014, writes:

Ted Took The Time To Help Me

I just got your product 2 days ago. I was able to use it on our carpet today. I am very pleased with how much better our house smells. Due to our dog developing canine diabetes, she had multiple accidents throughout the house. Many of which had set in due to our not being able to find the accidents right away. I used all kinds of pet odor removers and cleaners (store brand) but none worked. I addition, when I called to order Nok-Out, Ted took the time to help me make sure that I understood how to use the product correctly and effectively. This personalized help he made helped a great deal in using it correctly. I highly recommend this product. I will definitely reorder when the times comes.

Deborah C.July 16, 2014, writes:

This Stuff Is AWESOME!!!

We had the unpleasant experience of something crawling somewhere (unfindable!!) up in our cars engine and dying. After trying everything we could think of to eliminate the smell, we did an online search and found, again and again, Nok-Out was recommended. No wonder it was recommended again and again, this stuff is AWESOME!!! Thanks, Nok-Out, and a big Thank You to Ted at Osburn Distributors for all his good advice and rushing us our bottle of Nok-Out!!!

Cydney P.June 21, 2014, writes:

COMPLETELY Takes All Odors Out!

I recommend this to EVERYONE I talk to regarding odors! I clean my litter boxes with it and it COMPLETELY takes all the odors out! Yes, I have smelled to be sure..LOL.. This is a wonderful product. So glad I tried it out years ago. Have gone through many gallons of it. I also use it for other odors besides the litter box. Works great on ALL odors!

Watona B.Oct 28, 2014, writes:

Thank Goodness For Nok-Out

I bought a trailer at the lake which was totally wood-paneled, even the ceilings. The previous owner was a chain smoker and it reeked of cigarette smoke. I, luckily, found Nok-Out and after spraying every inch of the wood, the smell was TOTALLY GONE! There were even droplets of rust-colored liquid nicotine hanging from the ceiling which the Nok Out removed. I then purchased more for our four dogs and three cats who live in our house. Thank goodness for Nok-Out, because we could not have our beloved animals with us without it.

Rita F.Aug 13, 2015, writes:

I Could Go On and On About Nok-Out! (and I Did)

I was raising Yorkie puppies in my home and bought a new pup for a stud. He was shaky. He got worse. I took him to the vet. Was told to put him with other pups I had, and he would be happier, eat again, not have a nervous stomach that caused his diarrhea. I did that. All the pups got sick! After nearly losing him, a different vet found they had giardia. My daughter-in-law who is a biologist said my husband and I would get this disease as well, and the germs would always be in our house, in the heat ducts even, that I'd not be able to raise more pups. The vet advised not to have more pups, gave inoculations to my dogs, advised they always get those.

I used Nok-Out on everything. Gave the pups meds to get well. No further problems. I clean with Nok-Out as a general cleaning and deodorizing product. My little Yorkies use a potty pad in the house. Nok-Out is a great product. Both my vet and daughter-in-law were amazed there was no more giardia in this household! They both wanted to know what I used. I gave a bottle to my son and wife to prevent flies from biting around the eyes. She is a horse-woman and was amazed this worked! No more blinding face masks, no more blindly getting nicked by the hot wire! I could go on and on about the use of Nok-Out over the years!

You gotta admit, some of these stinky stories are pretty funny (in hindsight...or hindsmell!)

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