Nok-Out Odor Eliminator

Product Benefits:

  • Safely removes the worst odors on contact
  • Powerful and non-toxic
  • No fumes
  • non-abrasive (will not harm granite and marble)
  • Can be used directly on animals
  • No added scent


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3 reviews for Nok-Out Odor Eliminator

  1. Stephanie M.

    Nok-Out Saved Our Washing Machine
    My washing machine smelled sulfurous, and it stank up the whole room. It may be the design of the machine, or maybe the drainage pipes. I would run the washing machine on the tub-clean cycle, I would add bleach, I tried borax. Nothing helped. Just as I was shopping for a new washing machine, I remembered Nok-Out. It was in the cabinet from a few years ago when our kitchen got smelly from a burned pot of stew. Several times that day I sprayed the machine with a solution of diluted Nok-Out. It was helping. So I sprayed it one more time with undiluted Nok-Out. In a couple of hours, the stink was gone! It has not returned! I’m thrilled I don’t have to buy a new washing machine!!

  2. Ellen S.

    Living In the Country with Dogs –
    Nok-Out Is a Life Saver!
    Nok-Out is such a lifesaver, I wanted to share how we depend on it: Dogs barf on our tile floor? No problem, clean up and sanitize! Does dog have a run-in with a skunk? Less of a problem, since we sanitize and rub down with Nok-Out first, before bathing, wash the collar in Nok-Out too. Dog rolls in cow pattie? Nok-Out spray all over, rub down, soak collar in Nokout and wash, rinse, repeat as needed. Usually, two rub downs will do! We sanitize EVERYthing, since we live with two large dogs. THANK YOU FOREVER!

    Ellen Newton Stetson, and Dale Stetson Living in the Country with Nokout! Shreveport

  3. Becky T

    Nok-Out Rescued My Italian Leather Couch. It’s Like New!
    This is such a super product it is well worth the price. I was in the process of throwing out an Italian leather couch that you can imagine we paid a premium price for. I treated the couch according to your website directions but could still smell my cat’s attempt at decorating. Being ready to throw it out, I just took the gallon jug I had purchased previously and poured it over the cushions and base. It was either save or throw out. After letting it dry for several days it was time to test it out. We feel like we have a new couch! Not a smell one and no damage to the leather.

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