Sanitizing Your Fabrics Against Parvo

SNiPER  Kills Parvo on Contact

Oh No! Your new puppy has been diagnosed with Canine Parvovirus and you are scrambling to figure out how to clean your home and its contents. If you are smart, you don’t use bleach inside your home because bleach is so highly toxic to pets and people. You would later regret that very much. Sniper kills parvo and is easy to apply around your home and won’t cause any issues for the occupants of the home, whether pets or people. Hard surfaces are easy – just spray and walk away. Those hard surfaces need to stay wet for 10 minutes to ensure that you kill this virus successfully. After that you are on to the next stage – how to treat soft or porous surfaces such as laundry or sofas.

The EPA maintains that you cannot disinfect soft, porous surfaces. That would include clothing, fabrics, sleeping mats and so on. So, what do you do to make your home safe again? How can you clean Parvo from fabrics in your home? SNiPER is your one-stop solution!  This gentle, friendly disinfectant is lab tested to kill Parvo.  Using SNiPER, you can clean Parvo from fabrics in your home.

Disinfect Versus Sanitize

There are two commonly accepted standards for biologically clean. Here is a good way to understand these two. Imagine that you take a piece of paper and place a dot on it and then draw a line starting at the dot and moving away from it and not ending, but having an arrow at the tip to indicate that the line continues on much further. This represents a condition of having zero biological life – sterile. This is an end point because you can’t get cleaner than sterile. But then you add a microbe or two (and the addition of these microbes now means that it is no longer sterile), and now that surface has some germs on it. Continuing down that line you are accumulating more and more microbes – getting dirtier and dirtier and so on. There is no end to how dirty something can get. This imaginary line represents the real world and your home environment is a point somewhere along that line. It is not practical to think that you can make your home sterile, but to clean up after Parvo, you should be able to get it somewhere between disinfected and sanitized.


Parvo and Fabrics 

Disinfecting With SNiPER

If you want your home to be as clean as possible, you can aim for the first level of clean – disinfected. Commonly accepted terminology has it that a good disinfectant will kill 99.999% of germs in some time period (usually 10 minutes, because that is the maximum length of time the lab tests are allowed to run). Again, this is what the EPA defines as disinfected.

There is a second point along that line where the disinfectant used kills only 99.9% of germs, within 1 minute of exposure. This lesser standard is commonly known as “sanitized”. It doesn’t seem like much of a difference, does it? 99.9% versus 99.999%, but a microbiologist will tell you it is very important.

Sanitizing With SNiPER

Sanitizing is what the EPA says we can achieve and this is what we want to accomplish with your soft and porous surfaces. The EPA has granted Sniper the “Sanitizer” status at a dilution of 6 parts water to one part Sniper. Now lets go back to that imaginary line we drew. When you need to clean fabrics suspected of harboring parvovirus, this is what we will aim for. And since we can dilute Sniper by 6 to 1, you will have a lot of cleaning fluid to work with, so it will be easier.

When you are diluting Sniper, bear in mind those two points along that line – disinfected and sanitized. Full strength, you can achieve disinfection. At 6 to 1 dilution – sanitized. If you dilute by say, 3 to 1, then you will be somewhere along that line, in between those two points. An easy way to think about dilution is to know that Sniper comes from the factory with 2,000 parts per million of ClO2 – the primary active ingredient. When you dilute by 1 to 1, you are at 1,000 ppm. At 6 to 1 dilution, you are at around 330 ppm.

How Treat Fabrics Against Parvo?


If you are going to spray full strength SNiPER, it is always a good idea to test the fabric first, just to make sure. It is rare for SNiPER to cause any fading or bleaching, but better safe than sorry. Most fabrics will be fine because SNiPER is non-corrosive.

Begin by deciding what level of dilution you want and dilute accordingly. A 1 to 1 dilution resulting in 1,000 ppm of ClO2 will work for most people. Spray the fabrics with an even coating of SNiPER. Allow it to remain wet for up to 10 minutes. You are done.


Sanitizing clothing and towels is a bit more challenging because of the different cleaning methods you may use. But follow these instructions to clean Parvo from fabrics safely and effectively.

Top Loader

A top-loading washer is the easiest! Here’s how: Set the water level to the minimum that will
completely cover the clothing/towels and start the wash cycle with cool water. Once the cycle starts, push in the knob to temporarily halt the cycle. Add some SNiPER. Here, you should aim for around 400 to 500 ppm of ClO2. Swish it around to mix thoroughly and then add the clothing. Push in the knob to restart the cycle and allow it to agitate for 1 to 2 minutes and then push the knob in to temporarily stop the cycle again. Remember that to fully disinfect, you need 10 minutes of contact time with full-strength SNiPER. Here, we have diluted SNiPER as much as we dare, but we will substitute additional time to give more time for the disinfectant to do its job. Leave the clothing in the wash just soaking for up to 45 minutes. At the end of that time, push in the know to restart the cycle and allow it to finish. From there, you can just throw the clothes into the washer and you are done.

Front Loader

Front loaders are more difficult and there are a couple of ways to approach this. One way is to use a large wash tub and just soak the clothes as in the top loader method. After the soak, drain the tub and put the clothes into your top loader for a “quick cycle” (on my machine, these only run for around 15 minutes). The goal here is just to rinse and spin dry. The disinfecting work has already been done in the soak stage.

A second approach is to use the settings on your front loader to accomplish the same long soak time. Front loaders vary enough that there is no way to know what setting will work for you. But if you read through the top loader instructions, you should be able to select what will do the same thing – a longer soak than normal. When running this cycle, instead of using detergent, pour in SNiPER instead. Pour a lot! Remember that the stronger you can make this dilution, the better result you will get. (Another possibility for front loaders is to run a quick cycle, but stop it before it gets to the rinse stage and then turn the machine off for the soak stage. You can repeat this as necessary.)

Sanitizing Your Carpets And Rugs

There are essentially two methods here – using a carpet cleaning machine, or just spraying. Home carpet cleaning machines vary a lot and you will likely need to think about all of what we have written here to figure out how to achieve the best result. Again, the first step is to choose what dilution (level of clean) you want to aim for. The best plan will be to use undiluted SNiPER in place of detergent. It may be that your machine will dilute a bit as it goes. Read the instructions on your machine to make sure you understand what dilution you will wind up with. In this case, clean your carpets using SNiPER. When you are done, put some full strength SNiPER into a pump-up garden style sprayer and spray the entire carpet. The first step – using your machine – gets the carpet thoroughly wet. Then the extra spray increases the potency of it and your carpet should stay wet with SNiPER for several hours, just because it is a wet carpet and they take time to dry. Do put fans on it to speed the drying process.

You may decide to hire a professional carpet cleaner with a truck mounted machine for “steam” cleaning. Ask the cleaner to use the hottest temperature possible. When he is gone and while the carpet is still wet, spray the carpet using a pump-up sprayer at a 1 to 1 dilution with SNiPER.

The easiest method is to just use that pump-up sprayer and spray the whole carpet. This will work, but you will need to dilute by at least 3 water to o ne SNiPER so that you have sufficient solution to cover the entire carpet. A dry carpet has an enormous surface area and it is difficult to break the surface tension. This requires more solution to be sprayed down.

Pet Bedding

For your pets bedding, you can choose between just throwing it away and getting new bedding or treating it with SNiPER. If you decide to treat, check if you can remove the cover and toss it in with other laundry fabrics. That would be easiest. Be sure to spray any padding thoroughly before putting the cover back on. If you cannot remove the cover, it may be easiest to just throw it away – just to be on the safe side.

In Conclusion

Discovering that your new puppy has Parvo is heartbreaking. The pain and distress it causes us humans is not easy. On top of all that mental pain, it can be an enormous amount of work to get your home ready for the puppy again. SNiPER disinfectant is a great product to help make your home safe for your puppy again because it is non-corrosive and won’t damage your home. With SNiPER, you can clean Parvo from fabrics and treat soft porous surfaces such as laundry and fabric furniture.

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Christmas tree and Raggedy Ann

We have an artificial Christmas tree that’s still gorgeous but old. Putting it up always bothers my asthma and irritation from getting scratched is not pleasant. Last year I sprayed the tree and the “old tree” smell disappeared. I had purchased Sniper on Mary Hunts advice and it really took care of the basement (moldy) smell! Great! My daughters vintage dolls with cloth bodies had spots of mold or mildew, these are dolls my grandchildren play with. Oh my goodness! Sprayed the doll’s bodies and yarn hair, and the next day they all smelled great, moldy spots gone ! These dolls were over 30 years old and now look soooo good! Would recommend Sniper for other uses, too. Doggy rug smells gone! Smelly shoe odors gone. Grateful to Mary Hunts column for letting us know. 😊👍⭐️

Theresa Taylor

Sniper Removed Old Water Odors, Mold & Mildew

I have been using Sniper in the Offshore oil industry as both a disinfectant and a deodorizer for years. It has eliminated old water smells of toilets and bathrooms not used in a year where the water sat and molded mildewed and stank. As well as being injected into our old quarters ac vents to prevent mold buildup. Always worked better than anything comparable and well worth the price.

Tim Gaynor, Jun 5, 2017

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Thank you for creating such a great product. I would and will recommend this to everyone I know. My son left raw meat in my car for 4 days and I thought that my new car was ruined, but after talking with you and using the product, I can now get in my car and the only thing that I smell is a clean, disinfected smell! Thank you for saving my new car!

Christine McG, Sept 20, 2011

Best Odor Control for carpet

Nok-Out and SNiPER are both great products that I use in my carpet cleaning biz to remove odor in carpets. It works great against pet urine odor! It doesn’t cause discoloration and always works. Sniper kills mold and removes the odor in carpets as well. Great products

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We’ve used SNiPER disinfectant for several years. It works great. It has eliminated our mold problems and, still, we use it to keep our wooden cutting boards safe.

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I brought in the plants for winter and when it was time to move them back outside in the spring, I had a mildew stain on the carpet. I received my Nok-Out Carpet cleaner and sprayed the stain and let it sit for 10 minutes. When I returned to scrub the stain it was completely gone!! Woo hoo!! Thank you, Mary Hunt, for introducing me to this wonderful product!

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Mary Hunt introduced me to Nok-Out years ago and I am still amazed at how it can completely eliminate a horrible smell.

Yesterday I hosed some dust off a plastic laundry basket. I left it outside to dry for a bit and then returned it to the garage.

A few hours later I walked into the garage and the entire place reeked of cat pee! I did not realize that the neighborhood tom cat had come by and sprayed my basket. It was so bad that I was ready to trash it, but I thought I would try to spray it down with Sniper first. I doused it liberally and left it overnight. Ta Da! Absolutely no smell this morning!

Even after all these years, I am still amazed every time your product works on a smell as terrible as cat spray!

Thank you, Ted!

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I have an Electrolux rug shampooer and was trying to remove old odors of dog urine in my oriental carpets. I shampooed them then put a concentration of 4-1 water to Nok-Out in the tank and went back over them. No more odor!! Worked great! Was sooo happy!

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Sniper has been AMAZING. I was able to completely remove all the feral cat urine scent from the carpets, mattresses, clothing, and toys. It worked beautifully and left no smell, no fumes, and didn’t leave any discoloration. Sniper is now my cleaner of choice and I use it everywhere to clean and sanitize as well as freshen the air. I even use it in my daughter’s gym shoes and soccer bag. Thank you so much. Seriously the best product on the market.

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Cats get old. Things happen. Nok-Out was recommended to me by a friend in another state. I Will never go to the pet store again to try any other product. Nok-Out is IT! I told my Veterinarian about it. I love how fast it arrives after ordering. I ordered three times because we are still working on issues, but at least the house doesn’t SMELL! Amazing product. THANK YOU!

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