Canine Parvovirus (Parvo) is a highly heartbreaking killer of puppies and some older dogs, too. Wikipedia claims that the mortality rate can be 91% if left untreated. It spreads by “direct or indirect contact with feces”. This terrible infection can spread like wildfire through a kennel or doggie daycare facility and because it is so highly contagious, can then be brought home on your dog. Often Parvo enters your home via a newly acquired puppy, just brought home. After the trip to the vet, you then have the daunting prospect of ridding your home of this virus. It is hard to kill.  With Sniper, you can get rid of parvo in your home, so that you can enjoy your pet and not worry.

Often the harsh chemicals used to kill this pathogen are highly toxic and can be rather frightful themselves because they are so highly toxic. You really would not want to spray some of these inside your home! But there is hope. You can get rid of Parvo in your home!

SNiPER Disinfectant is the answer.  Sniper has been lab tested to kill Parvo, but is itself of very low toxicity to both pets and people – you can safely wash your hands in it! This stabilized chlorine dioxide product is a new generation of cleaning products that does not contribute to a toxic household and does not produce toxic by-products.  Since it is non-corrosive and non-chlorinating, it will not cause harm to most surfaces – even fabrics.

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Don’t kill the dog! Get rid of Parvo infection!


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