I use NokOut for SO many uses, and have for years. Cat urine, litter boxes, garbage pails, trailer waste and water systems, garbage disposals, poly tees with armpits that just won’t wash scentless, damp car upholstery/carpeting, or anything just smelling “off”. I buy it by the gallon and rely on it.

And here’s a success story: When I was a Realtor, I got a listing that no one else would touch. An elderly woman had kept her large dog and multiple cats in her home and they had “done their business” inside…for years. I had all the carpeting removed, poured bleach on the sub floors, let it dry with fans, then poured NokOut and ran fans while it dried. No scent remained. Got the house re-carpeted and sold it quickly and without incident.

And another: A heavy smoker had smoked inside his small cottage for decades. I had my team spray down all the walls and ceilings with NokOut, removed the carpets, and sprayed the subfloor, soaking thoroughly. Let everything dry, using fans, then repainted and re-carpeted. Scent-free result.


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