It’s Summer time. Activities abound. You are either going, or coming,  and most  always in your vehicle. Invariably, there are spills. The dog slobbers, food spills, drinks splash, and snacks crumble. Wet garments dissipate into moldy, fetid odors in the trunk and on the floor. What a nasty mess!  When you climb into the car and dreadful smells assault you, what do you do? You know there are nasty pathogens mixed in with those awful smells. Bingo! You need NOK-OUT for fast, immediate results. Eliminate those horrid odors now! Get the Nok-Out and get to work. Draw in the whole family to help with this chore; hopefully, they may think twice about throwing things on the car floor, and leaving them there!  Nok-Out can easily remove the toughest odors on contact,  Here’s how to remove odor from your car with Nok-Out.

Detailing Guidelines:

  • Circulate the Air: open all doors and windows, Turn the AC on HIGH
  • Purge! Remove EVERYTHING that isn’t bolted down.
  • WASH: Throw garments in the washer. Wash with detergent and 4 oz Nok-Out
  • Vacuum: Use a shop vac or household vacuum cleaner to remove dirt, leaves, sand, and grime from all fabrics and carpet.
  • Spray Surfaces: Spraying with Nok-Out, cover every inch of the vehicle: dashboard, seats, seams, below seats, headliner, sideliners, flooring. Don’t forget the trunk!
  • Spray Vents: Spray Nok-Out into the outside vent (found below the window washers). Close all windows, and run the AC on high for 3 minutes. Do not disturb for another 3-5 minutes.
  • Open all windows and doors. Perform one last quick spray on interior surfaces.

“To sum it up, Nok-Out can be used safely on anything with a foul odor – fabrics, plastic, skin – even your dog! Remember, direct contact is the key.”

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