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“Dear Nok-Out,

This was not the love story I had imagined. Thank God for Nok-Out!

I’d lick you silly if I could,


Real Stories from Real People Who Love Nok-Out and SNiPER®

? Deborah , Apr 8, 2014, writes:

If You Have Severe Dog Smells, Use Nok-Out.

This is the first product I’ve ever wanted to write a testimonial for. A lady who allowed her dog to urinate and defecate during the summer while she was moving, left us with the most horrendous smell. The smell was through the entire house. The carpet throughout the house was ruined. Under the carpet was old small tiles. We used bleach, different cleaners–NOTHING touched the smell until we used Nok-Out. After one use we could smell a difference. We were told the smell could come back up through the tiles so we did a second application just to be safe. I cannot say enough good things about Nok-Out. If you have severe dog smells like we did use Nok-Out; you won’t be disappointed.

?   SusanC., Apr 25, 2014 writes:

As Long as I have Rentals, I Will Have Nok-Out!

The first time I used Nok Out it was because I had been unable to get the cat urine smell out of a basement apartment. The professionals had been here twice with no luck. I remembered reading about some product in Mary Hunt’s column and I went to her web site and found the name and ordered it right away. At first, I thought it was not going to work because there were still a few areas we could not seem to eliminate it from. But, if all else fails, read the directions! Nok Out suggested loosening baseboards to spray behind them. Too, much work for me, but I did spray directly on the baseboards, took 2 applications, and the odor is permanently gone. The 2nd time was my other basement apt and it was dog urine. So strong, I could hardly stand to be in the room and I had very little hope of Nok-Out working, but IT DID! I am a believer! As long as I have rentals, I will have Nok Out! Thank you Lou and Ted from the bottom of my heart!

?  Dawn P., Jun 25, 2013, writes:

A “Weird” Use For Nok-Out

Hi Lou, just wanted to share a “weird” use that I found for Nok-Out: We recently bought a secondhand portable dishwasher that hooks up to the kitchen faucet. When the dishwasher finished its job, we hit the “drain” button to get the last drips and drops of water out of the machine before unhooking it and rolling it away. Well, I noticed that the drain water started smelling funky after a couple of months of daily use. So I tried throwing about a cup of Nok-Out into the bottom of the dishwasher and running it through the drain lines. It worked! No more smell. I have 5 cats and foster many more for my local animal rescue, and Nok-Out is the ONLY product I’ve found to be completely effective at eliminating cat urine odor. I’ve used it exclusively for many years. Thanks for a great product!

?  Glenn B. Nov 11, 2013, writes:

They Are a Joy to Do Business With

First and foremost: Nok-Out simply works. And that is the reason that you buy it. Secondly, customer service with this company is superb! Fast, friendly, and efficient. They are a joy to do business with.

?   Nancy P., Feb 5, 2014, writes:


My husbands gloves were splashed with gasoline filling up a gas can. I soaked them over night in Nok-Out and the smell is gone. With our horrid winter, gloves are almost extinct in the stores. Thanks!

?  Frank A.Apr 21, 2016, writes:

Nok-Out Saved My Marriage 😉

I once told you that Nok-Out saved my marriage due to its odor crushing power (It was a package deal: two cats, a dog, and a wife!). This stuff rocks!!! Keep up the good work.

?   Becky T., Dec 3, 2019, writes:

Nok-Out Truly Is An Amazing Product!

I have an antique blanket chest that smelled strongly of moth balls. I tried airing it out, but to no avail. But I now have used Nok-Out in the antique blanket chest with the very strong mothball odor. Nok-Out truly is an amazing product! I did need to spray it three times to get rid of the odor, and I would say it is 98% free of the mothball smell! Each time I let it dry for a day or two, then sprayed again. Thanks again, Nok-Out!

?  Gay T.C., Jan 5, 2014 writes:

Nok-Out Beat the Nasty Front-Loading Washer Smell

I wish I had known the downside of a front load washer was soooo down. But I think I have found a way to beat that nasty smell. When I am done washing for the day I stick a microfiber cloth in the rubber gasket and soak up any water that was left then pull the cloth out. Next I spray Nok-Out in that area and all around the drum and put another cloth in the gasket area. And finally as suggested I leave the door open for it all to air out. So far it has worked well.

?   Terri L., Jan2, 2014, writes:

I Carry Nok-Out Wherever I Travel

Hi! I love Nok-Out for it’s super effectiveness at eliminating odors, specifically fragrances and scents. I also use it as a disinfectant. I cannot overstate how beneficial Nok-Out has been for me. I am clinically reactive to fragrances, natural and chemical. Laundry products are among the worst offenders. I carry Nok-Out wherever I travel whether hotels, family homes or resorts. It has greatly improved my quality of life.

?  Cindy C.Nov 19, 2012, writes:

All Smells Are Gone and It Is Once Again Pleasant to Drive the Car

I just wanted to give a testimonial to your great product! My knucklehead son who attends college a few hours away from home, let several of his friends smoke in his car. That by itself is bad enough. But he is also a cross country runner and has a bad habit of leaving his running clothes and shoes in his car. And his fellow runners clothes and shoes get left behind in his car. He was having mechanical difficulty with his car so he left it at home to be worked on. You can imagine the horrible smell left behind that was a mixture of bad body odor and stinky, stale cigarettes. Leaving the windows down did nothing to alleviate the smell. I had purchased Nok-Out a few years back to remove pet odors. I grabbed my bottle of Nok-Out and sprayed the car down with a vengeance! It worked! All smells are gone and it is once again pleasant to drive the car. Thank you, Nok-Out for the great product you produce!! 


    1. Always allow the site to dry completely after applying Nok-Out. As an oxidizer, Nok-Out must dry to complete the job.
    2. Residual odors from household fires (as when the popcorn burns up in the microwave) can be treated with a good spray of Nok-Out.
    3. Recreational vehicles, when re-opened for the season may be completely deodorized and sanitized with Nok-Out. Learn more here.
    4. Spray Nok-Out around the base of the toilet. Allow it to penetrate into the grout.
    5. Stinky shoes and boots will smell fresh as new when treated with Nok-Out. Spray directly in the shoes daily to prevent intolerable odor build-up.
    6. After the party is over, refresh your home by spraying Nok-Out all over the house. Use as fine a misting sprayer as possible for the best penetrating results.

?  Chris P.Oct 6, 2012, writes:

We Love The Product!

Ted, we received the Nok-Out just in time to wash my husband’s and daughter’s hunting clothes for opening season (bow hunting). Last season, my husband had a kill on just about every hunt (his first time hunting with a bow–killed 5 deer). This season on day 1, my 19 y/o daughter got her first ever deer with a bow. We are “newbies” to the hunting world, and we tell our veteran hunter friends it’s because of the Nok-Out. Needless to say, we love the product!

?  Jackie B.Feb 14, 2013, writes:


We just moved into a house with light carpet. One of my two cats threw up immediately after eating a cat food which included sardines and/or mackeral. It smells like something died in the carpet (think multiple places – four as I counted). I was appalled by the stink. My husband and I cleaned using a large carpet cleaning machine and Nok-Out, let it sit, and then removed, removed, removed. This morning my bloodhound nose could not detect an odor. Thanks to Nok-Out and a heavy duty machine! That obnoxious odor is actually gone! (Even the cats were amazed! I looooove Nok-Out!

?  Leah S., Jan 1, 2013, writes:


My dog had “adopted” our entry throw rug as her place to “go” if I got home late from work. No matter how I cleaned it, she aimed at the same spot. I purchased Nok-Out and cleaned the rug, then sprayed it on both sides. My dog has stopped using it, and just dances a little faster if I’m late! Woot! I shared it with family, and now they’re avid believers as well! THANK YOU, NOK OUT!

?  Walt H.Sep 19, 2012, writes:

Ted Explained Everything

If you have trouble with buying online, the guys on the phone are very kind and helpful and they might even give you a discount. I got Ted, a customer service rep that explained everything I needed to know about this great product!

? Darlene E., Sep 6, 2012, writes:

I Ran For My Nok-Out. Boy, That Stuff Works

I jus LOVE this product! I’ve been using Nok-Out for about 2 years. Last Saturday, it was put to the TEST and passed with flying colors. My dogs scared up a skunk that was in my back yard; PU. It was 4 am; and once the dogs had settled down they came in the house and became a living air-wick essence of skunk! My WHOLE HOUSE was stinky. I ran for my Nok-Out. Boy, that stuff really works and I am thankful I had some on hand. I recommend this product all the time to my frriends. Tried and true!!! Thanks!

?  Michele L.May 21, 2012, writes:

I Cleaned It With Everything…

I just received my bottle of Nok-Out, and I have to tell you this stuff really works. My dog had an accident on my carpeting, I cleaned it with everything, even had the carpets cleaned and you could still smell the urine. I worked the Nok-Out into the spot, and the smell has totally disappeared. Thank you for this great product.

?  Stella G.Nov 28, 2011, writes:

I Forwarded The Great News to Everyone I Know…

Just tried your product for the first time and loved it. It works!!!! I have nine cats…yes nine…Used to do animal rescue and lost my house in 2008. The cats and I live with my sister and it has been a challenge because they have accidents, one male cat marks, and three are over 15 yrs and vomit. This product has gotten rid of the odor and stains. I cannot believe it!! I forwarded the great news to everyone I know in the rescue community of cats and dogs and posted on my Facebook

?  Sue A., Dec 8, 2011 writes:

My Christmas Tree Doesn’t Smell Bad Anymore!

I got my Christmas tree out this year from the basement, and it smelled musty and nasty. I ordered some Nok-Out this year, for the first time, and decided to try it out on my tree. This was the first time that I used it. I’m happy to say that my Christmas tree doesn’t smell bad anymore!

?  Peggy B.Apr 3, 2012, writes:

Stains That Are Years Old Are Gone

Nok-Out is amazing! I had a cat who sprayed and soiled my carpet in numerous places. Over the years I have tried every product that said it would take out pet stains. Nothing worked. I was in the process of getting ready to rip a whole house full of carpet and having wood floors put down. Then, I tried Nok-Out. Stains that are years old are gone and the smell of my house is smelling so fresh. I’m also a former smoker. Family and friends have noticed how much better my house smells and looks. I am back to order more and never want to be without this product.

?  Janet S., Kaja Kennels.Oct 15, 2012, writes:

I Used to Have the Worst Smelling Home Before Nok-Out

By far the best product I have ever used! I am a have a show kennel, and having multiple dogs in my home, and having a hair salon in my home, I needed something to clear the air! Not just from the odor of the dogs, but the odor from perms and colors! My customers with both businesses are always asking me what I use to keep the house from not smelling. I cannot tell you the number of puppies I have sold, with the buyers saying my house smells so clean, that they feel confident about buying a puppy from me. I recommend Nok-Out to everyone! I also love to cook fish! Oh yes, I used to have the worst smelling home before I started using Nok-Out, but now I have no unpleasant odors!

?  Bob M.Nov 10, 2011, writes:

Such an Easy Remedy for a Really Bad Problem

I have a holding tank in my basement. It collects mold on the tank regularly. Last winter, I used SNiPER Disinfectant and Odor Eliminator to remove the mold (and the musty odor in the basement). It was amazing! Of course when winter came around this year, I was out of SNiPER. I called Ted, and he sent me the bundled gallon and quart size. Again, I cleaned off all visible signs of mold and mildew. Wanna know what happened? Mold was gone, of course, and so was the bad odor that accompanies it. Now, all I have to do, is once a week spritz the tank with SNiPER, full strength. Yeah. No smell. No mold, No mildew! This is such an easy remedy for a really bad problem. Thank you, SNiPER disinfectant!

?  Fabienne N., Nov 9, 2011, writes:

Your Product Saved Me $3000!

How did your product work for me? It saved me $3000! I purchased a Tempur-Pedic mattress a few years ago. Really expensive, but my back was in pieces and it was the only way I could sleep. I left for a long week end with my spouse on vacation. When we returned, we walk into the bedroom to discover my cat Blublu had peed all over the new bed. As you might know, a Tempur-Pedic mattress cannot be washed with water. I tried a damp cloth with a little vinegar, carpet powder, baking soda, prayer, nothing worked to get the smell out….I had nightmares of having to purchase a second mattress while still making 3 years of payments in this one that would end up in a dump! Out of ideas, I went to Pawtissery, who highly recommended your product. I was told it worked miracles. Well, half an hour later (and half a bottle) the smell was gone and has remained gone ever since. So thank you for saving my mattress. So keep up the great work! You have a fantastic product.

?  Christine M., Sep 20, 2011, writes:

Thank You for Saving My New Car!

Thank you for creating such a great product. I would and will recommend this to everyone I know. My son left raw meat in my car for 4 days and I thought that my new car was ruined, but after talking with you and using the product, I can now get in my car and the only thing that I smell is a clean, disinfected smell! Thank you for saving my new car! Before I tried Nok-Out, I tried everything I could think of to clean the smell out, but nothing worked. The Nok-Out worked just the way you said it would and it only took about 2 hours start to finish. I don’t ever write letters to manufacturers but I felt that everyone should know how well this product works, and how safe and easy it is to use , and that your company not only calls and tells you how to use this product, but sends you step by step directions. I will buy Nok-Out again!

?  Lois C, Sep 20, 2011 writes:

I Am So Pleased

I have always been suspicious of products sounding too good to be true, but I decided to give Nok-Out a try. I am so pleased with the results that I passed along some to my daughter. In this day and age, that is unique and refreshing. A product that does what it claims!

?  Kathy D., Sep 20, 2011 writes:

I’m So Impressed with Nok-Out

Nok-Out is just the best deodorizer I have ever used. I’ve been sitting in the chair that my pet soiled, and I can’t smell a thing! I used your product on a number of other pieces of furniture as well, and I’m so impressed with Nok-Out that I would like to purchase more. I will certainly pass along the name of your product to others with similar problems.

?  Albert D.July 29, 2011 writes:

I Found the Best Product, and I Will Never Change

This is by far the best ordor eliminator I have ever used. I am an avid bow hunter. The game I was hunting never knew I was there! I had a wolf within 10 feet and he did not wind me at all. I found the best product, and I will never change.

?  Candy W., Jan 11, 2012, writes:

I Found A New Use for Nok-Out

I have found a new use for Nok-Out. I use olive oil to soften my feet/heels and elbows, but could not stand the smell. The smell seemed to linger on my sheets too. I tried adding a candle fragrance oil which only masked the smell, so I got the idea to add Nok-Out. Worked beautifully, no more olive oil smell! I love your product.

?  Amy S., Aug 11, 2011, writes:

Thanks for Making My Life Smell Better!

We recently bought your product for the second time. I have been telling everyone what an awesome job that Nok-Out does. It seriously got rid of the smell of cat urine that was soaked into the rug. I feel like I am a commercial when I talk about it. Each day I go down to my basement waiting for the smell to come back and IT NEVER does! You should market this stuff in pet stores…seriously! Thanks for making life smell better!!

?  Dianne E., June 1, 2015, writes:

Nok-Out Rocks!

I will say it again…Nok-Out Rocks! This is the only thing that will remove bacteria and the smell, no matter the source! Stinky shoes, animal mistakes, garbage cans, you name it! Nok-Out can do it!

? Captain in Iraq, Nov 18, 2011, writes:

Even Though the Place Still Looks Like the Blair Witch Project, it Doesn’t Smell That Way

I am a US Army Captain in Iraq, and we received last week a couple of cases of Nok-Out. I don’t know if you’ve ever been to Iraq, or to an Army base, but stuff really does stink out here. My unit is currently in a building which has previously been occuppied by Saddam Hussein’s troops since the late 1970’s. The building is in varying states of repair. There are a limited number of small bathrooms, and we’re forced to use them all. There is one bathroom in particular which looks and smells like something out of “The Blair Witch Project”! We use this place only for dire emergencies, like when the other bathrooms are occuppied and there’s no stopping nature’s call. We liberally sprayed everything, all over with Nok-Out, including the walls, ceiling and floors. A half hour later, not only did we not gag when we walked in, but we did not smell anything at all! Even though the place still looks like the Blair Witch Project, it doesn’t smell that way. This stuff really works. I think you’ve made quite a few customers over here. Thank you.

? Todd M.Jan 12, 2012, writes:

I’m So Glad I Found Your Product

I received your product today and followed your instructions to the letter for smoke odor removal in my car. Although I can’t say for sure what the long term results will be just yet, it would be an understatement to say that it vastly exceeded my expectations. Not to jinx it, but the first treatment worked like a miracle! I’m so glad I found your product! Thank you.

?  Elizabeth B.Jun 11, 2017, writes:

I Am Thrilled! I Will Always Have Nok-Out Around

I tried every gadget that claimed to remove refrigerator and freezer smells, including baking soda—none worked—ice cubes still had a freezer taste and smell to them. I recently tried a dish of Nok-Out in the refrigerator and wow-no smells at all!!!!! In the freezer, I put a dish of Nok-Out and added a couple of ounces of vodka to it—The solution became slushy and did not freeze solid, and now my ice cubes have no smell or taste to them, I am thrilled!!!! I will always have Nok-Out around.

?  Paula J.Nov 19, 2015, writes:

I Just Dab It On The Skin

I have used Nokout three times to treat a boil on my skin. I just dab it on the skin. In a couple of days the pain and the boil go away. Thank you Nok-Out.

?  Tammy B, July 2, 2013, writes:

I Used Nok-Out Full Strength In My Steamer. It Worked…!

I have a rental where the renters said the dog was house trained. I didn’t realize they meant trained to go in the house. The house reeked, the carpet and pad were only 1 year old. I used Nok-Out full strength in my commercial steamer and after the carpets were cleaned I used the steamer to push the Nok-Out into my pad through the carpet. It worked like a charm. The house smells like house, not urinal. The house was put on the market and sold within a few weeks. I am so pleased with this product.

?  Judith C., Oct 21, 2014, writes:

Hope For Despondent Pet Owners

I had e-mailed you a number of times a few months ago, regarding a kitty that I have that was spraying around the house. I just wanted to take a moment to give you a follow-up. She is doing GREAT!! I really thought we’d have to put her down if we couldn’t get her behavior turned around. but through a daily regime of medication and other behavior modification, we seem to have this under control. My husband and I started by spending about 5 hours one Sunday cleaning every running foot of wall (from the floor up, about 2 feet) with Nok-Out! Your product is truly a miracle. And of course, daily cleaning of the litter boxes and then spraying again with Nok-Out! It’s worked. And I wanted you to know in case you hear of other despondent pet owners. I feel like this is truly a success story, and I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your support and suggestions. Thanks!!!

? Stewart P.Oct 28, 2015, writes:

This Stuff Is A Miracle

I read on your site about someone putting Nok-Out in a humidifier for a bedroom. Well, a homeowner’s greatest nightmare hit us, the sewer line completely backed up and it was about a 1/2 in. thick. I thought the smell was there for life. Then I remembered the story and we already owned Nok-Out for our cats. We bought a cheap little humidifier, set it in the center of the room, closed the door, and left. Two days later we cautiously opened the door. WOW!! Totally scent-free! I dragged a neighbor down to smell it to see if I was imagining it. This stuff is a miracle, I don’t just tell people about it, I buy them bottles of it! 

?  Christine M.Sept 20, 2011, writes:

I Wouldn’t Be Without Nok-Out! It’s Incredible…

Today’s email featured Zero Odor, a wonderful product that I have used in the past. However, I wanted to tell you about another, even BETTER product that I now swear by, and tell everyone I know about. It’s called Nok-Out. It not only eliminates odors instantly, It kills MRSA E. coli, Stachybotrys, Samonella, Swine Flu, Streptoccus and More!!! I do cat rescue and volunteer with several organizations, and I wouldn’t be without Nok-Out! It’s incredible for disinfecting and deodorizing animal carriers, litter boxes, pee and litter messes, all kinds of pet messes. It doesn’t leave any trace of odor or scent! It looks and smells like water!!! Absolutely fantastic! It’s safe for people and pets, and is registered by the EPA (#71700-2). It works in your home, cars, garbage cans, destroys mold and mildew, stinky gym bag odors, eliminates urine odors and germs, and can even be used directly on your Pet!! I recently relied on Nok-Out to disinfect many cat carriers as I had one of my kitties diagnosed with Panleukopenia (PKU)…a highly contagious disease. I disinfected cat brushes, combs, bedding, chairs, blankets, etc with Nok-Out and have NOT had a single other case of the disease!! Very rare, according to my veterinarian. I credit it to Nok-Out (and prayers!!). I don’t sell Nok-Out. I don’t get anything for touting how wonderful this product is. I JUST BELIEVE IT’S THAT GOOD, and want other people to know about it!

?  Gail G.Oct 28, 2019, writes:

I Use Sniper To Clean Everything

I’ll admit, I was skeptical about throwing away all my other cleaning products but one by one as I use SNiPER to clean everything, I am letting them go. No more burning eyes, no more fumes, no more rashes on my skin. It really does clean everything. I was nervous about using anything on my brand new granite countertops–sparkling clean with Sniper! Cat barf? No problem. Mold in the shower–gone! The other day my cat scratched me. Usually my sensitive skin will welt up and burn. Sniper was sitting on the counter so I grabbed it and sprayed (my arm not the cat!) and the sting went away immediately and no welt! I think I know what I’m getting my family for Christmas!

?  Janet R., Sep 17, 2012, writes:

Keep Up The Good Work!

I’m a great fan of your products, especially the Nok-Out Deodorizer. I am a smoker, and have wood paneling in my home. I use it to spray on the paneling and it does help with the smoke odor. I also use it in my car for a great fresh smell. I have tried the carpet cleaner and that too is a great product. Keep up the good work! Thanks.

?  Larry B.Oct 28, 2014, writes:

Your Product Is Amazing

I am a deer hunter and hunt with a crossbow, meaning I must get very close to a deer to ensure a good, clean shot. Deer have a keen sense of smell, as any hunter will tell you. I’ve tried many products to confuse them. I sprayed my hunting clothes with Nok-Out on advice from a friend. I have never seen anything like it! I was sitting in my tree stand and had a deer approach me from downwind, and it didn’t have a clue that I was even there, it actually came to within 5′ of my tree stand and just stood there looking around. On two previous occasions under similar conditions and using different products, the deer had picked up my scent and moved off before I could even see them clearly. Your product is amazing.

??  Linda PAug 13, 2015, writes:

I Can’t Tell You How Much I Love This Product

I had to tell you just how amazing your product is, and three different stories of extreme circumstances that prove it. I had a diabetic cat who just could not make it to the litter box. We tried everything on the market…yet the smell always came back. I bought some Nok-Out at a cat show, used it, and we were thrilled!!! It was incredible. And, if that wasn’t enough, a boarder in our house had an ancient cat that peed EVERYWHERE. We made her lock the cat in her room to save the rest of the floors in our 130 year old house. When she left, we ripped out the carpets down to the original wood. Twice a day we saturated the floor with a plant mister filled with Nok-Out (for about 7 days). It may have taken some time, but here we are today, almost one year later and NO SMELL!

Lastly, My husband is a heavy fighter for the SCA (a medieval reenactment group). That means he wears regular street clothes, then puts on a heavily padded and quilted jacket that reaches his knees, then puts 40 lbs of steel armor over all of that to go out and fight with swords for hours in the August heat and humidity. The amount of sweat is amazing…and the smell…that’s amazing too! I won’t let him in the house. We sprayed his jacket with that plant mister full of Nok-Out- and, now it can hang in the closet next to my favorite jacket. I can’t tell you how much I love this product! I tell every single person I know all about how great you are! Thanks for Nok-Out.

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