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clean and deodorize hvac

HVAC Application Instructions

Does your home/office have the ‘sick house’ syndrome? If you have a heat-pump system, do you occasionally get “dirty sock syndrome”? Is there mold or mildew growing in your HVAC? SNiPER to the Rescue! SNiPER Disinfectant and Odor Eliminator is the perfect product to clean and deodorize HVAC systems, whether it is in a car, in your home, or in large commercial system.

SNiPER is EPA Registered:  #71700-2

The reasons this product is so well suited to HVAC cleaning are because of the very low toxicity, the ease of application and the non-corrosive nature of this EPA registered product. SNiPER™ kills mold, mildew, fungal infections and spores in the air. And it does this while being friendly to the indoor environment. You can spray it directly on the coils and into the ductwork and not have to worry whether you are leaving behind a toxic mess for the people who have to breathe that air.

SNiPER™ has the power to kill mold, mildew and fungal infestations, but has the lowest toxicity ratings that the EPA gives to any product. You can use SNiPER to clean while people and pets are present, and you don’t have to worry about toxicity issues. Your indoor environment can remain pristine even during the clean-up.

Odor Issues From the Indoor Coils

Dust, pet hair, dander, airborne germs, mold spores and the like get trapped by the air filter. If your filter is not changed frequently enough, however, some of those particles do not get trapped on the filter, and wind up trapped on the intake side of the indoor coils. Cleaning these coils will result in lower energy bills, so this is an excellent reason to change your filter regularly.

Dirty coils can become a breeding ground for organisms that can begin to smell bad. In the same way that micro-organisms can feed on your sweat – and cause you to smell bad! – mold and mildew here can cause your entire home or office to smell bad. This is where non-corrosive SNiPER™ can help. With SNiPER™, you can safely disinfect and deodorize without toxic chemicals, which will result in a healthier home or office.

Now, get ahead of other air-cleaners. You are a part of the 21st Century. Choose SNiPER™!

Seven Easy Application Tips

Before beginning cleaning of the HVAC system, spray SNiPER™ on any known sites of contamination, and in the air of each room where contamination exists.

1. Using a fine misting sprayer, lightly apply SNiPER™ at each return intake grille in your home.

2. If a furnace is present, apply SNiPER™ to the base of the return at the furnace connection.

3. Apply SNiPER™ to each room vents allowing for light, but complete moistening.

4. Fog a light misting spray over the filter of the HVAC system. Moisten thoroughly, but be careful to not to get the filter soaking wet.

5. Turn off the system for approximately 10 minutes to allow the filter to dry.

6. Turn ventilation system to ‘on’ position rather than ‘auto’. Allow to run continuously for 2 hours.

7. Do a sniff test in each room. If odors are not completely removed, reapply SNiPER™ to sites where odors or contamination began.

Note: As an oxidizer, SNiPER™ must have direct contact with the odor source to be able to do it’s job. You will also find that SNiPER™ works best when application has completely dried. Do not re-apply if the site is still moist; allow it to dry thoroughly, give it the ‘sniff’ test and only then re-apply if needed.

Heat Pumps and “Dirty Sock Syndrome”

Dirty Sock Syndrome first appeared in the 1970’s with the introduction of Heat Pumps. If your heat pump begins to give off an odor very like the smell of dirty socks, your home may be suffering from this issue. SNiPER™ is the perfect treatment against this problem not only because it can kill the microbes responsible for this odor, but because it is non-corrosive and can kill these microbes safely without contributing to a toxic household.

To treat this issue, go right to the source and give the coils a thorough cleaning. Check to make sure that there is proper drainage and that no drain is blocked up. Once clean again, spray the entire coil liberally with SNiPER™. Remember that SNiPER™ needs to have direct contact with ALL of the microbes, so you may have to spray quite heavily to ensure it gets into every nook and cranny. Allow to air dry naturally.

Other Tips to Prevent Dirty Sock Syndrome

Replace your air filter regularly. This helps keep the coils clean and thus denies microbes a ‘food source’.
Unblock any drainage tubes regularly. Microbes need moisture to live and keeping the drainage system clear will reduce this moisture.

SNiPER™ is lethal to micro-organisms of significance that inhabit this earth. Whereas bleach is cheap and can also kill some of these organisms, it is also corrosive and toxic. Protect yourself, your home and your family – use non-corrosive, hypoallergenic SNiPER™.

Label Instructions

The EPA certifies that SNiPER is approved for use on HVAC units and states on the label that you can apply SNiPER using their instructions and you do not need to evacuate the building during application procedures.
These procedures are on the other side of the label and are in tiny print, so small you would need a magnifying glass to read it! I have captured the entire text and put it in an article for any one who is interested. You can read it here.

 SNiPER is a great tool to help you maintain an odor free HVAC system.  You can clean and deodorize your HVAC system with SNiPER disinfectant.



If you have any questions regarding how to apply Nok-Out, or SNiPER® check out our How To Articles or, call Ted Price toll free at 866.551.1927.

Sniper Removed Old Water Odors, Mold & Mildew

I have been using Sniper in the Offshore oil industry as both a disinfectant and a deodorizer for years. It has eliminated old water smells of toilets and bathrooms not used in a year where the water sat and molded mildewed and stank. As well as being injected into our old quarters ac vents to prevent mold buildup. Always worked better than anything comparable and well worth the price.

Tim Gaynor, Jun 5, 2017

“Nok-Out Saved My New Car!”

Thank you for creating such a great product. I would and will recommend this to everyone I know. My son left raw meat in my car for 4 days and I thought that my new car was ruined, but after talking with you and using the product, I can now get in my car and the only thing that I smell is a clean, disinfected smell! Thank you for saving my new car!

Christine McG, Sept 20, 2011

My Mildew Stain Disappeared!

I brought in the plants for winter and when it was time to move them back outside in the spring, I had a mildew stain on the carpet. I received my Nok-Out Carpet cleaner and sprayed the stain and let it sit for 10 minutes. When I returned to scrub the stain it was completely gone!! Woo hoo!! Thank you, Mary Hunt, for introducing me to this wonderful product!

Jodie Hodges, May 28, 2014

Completely Eliminate a Horrible Smell

Mary Hunt introduced me to Nok-Out years ago and I am still amazed at how it can completely eliminate a horrible smell.

Yesterday I hosed some dust off a plastic laundry basket. I left it outside to dry for a bit and then returned it to the garage.

A few hours later I walked into the garage and the entire place reeked of cat pee! I did not realize that the neighborhood tom cat had come by and sprayed my basket. It was so bad that I was ready to trash it, but I thought I would try to spray it down with Sniper first. I doused it liberally and left it overnight. Ta Da! Absolutely no smell this morning!

Even after all these years, I am still amazed every time your product works on a smell as terrible as cat spray!

Thank you, Ted!

Michelle Wilson

Removed All The Feral Cat Urine

Sniper has been AMAZING. I was able to completely remove all the feral cat urine scent from the carpets, mattresses, clothing, and toys. It worked beautifully and left no smell, no fumes, and didn’t leave any discoloration. Sniper is now my cleaner of choice and I use it everywhere to clean and sanitize as well as freshen the air. I even use it in my daughter’s gym shoes and soccer bag. Thank you so much. Seriously the best product on the market.

Best Odor Control for carpet

Nok-Out and SNiPER are both great products that I use in my carpet cleaning biz to remove odor in carpets. It works great against pet urine odor! It doesn’t cause discoloration and always works. Sniper kills mold and removes the odor in carpets as well. Great products

Grateful Ted

Nok-Out Removed Old Dog Urine Odor

I have an Electrolux rug shampooer and was trying to remove old odors of dog urine in my oriental carpets. I shampooed them then put a concentration of 4-1 water to Nok-Out in the tank and went back over them. No more odor!! Worked great! Was sooo happy!

Laurie M Lijoi, Oct 2, 2019

Rotten Potato Smell Gone!

There cannot be anything worse than potatoes that are forgotten and rot. Any pet I have ever had that had an accident cannot compare. Nok-Out eliminated the odor quickly. What a wonderful product!

Jacqui Frazee, June 14, 2018

Cats Get Old!

Cats get old. Things happen. Nok-Out was recommended to me by a friend in another state. I Will never go to the pet store again to try any other product. Nok-Out is IT! I told my Veterinarian about it. I love how fast it arrives after ordering. I ordered three times because we are still working on issues, but at least the house doesn’t SMELL! Amazing product. THANK YOU!

Mary Lee, June 19, 2016

Christmas tree and Raggedy Ann

We have an artificial Christmas tree that’s still gorgeous but old. Putting it up always bothers my asthma and irritation from getting scratched is not pleasant. Last year I sprayed the tree and the “old tree” smell disappeared. I had purchased Sniper on Mary Hunts advice and it really took care of the basement (moldy) smell! Great! My daughters vintage dolls with cloth bodies had spots of mold or mildew, these are dolls my grandchildren play with. Oh my goodness! Sprayed the doll’s bodies and yarn hair, and the next day they all smelled great, moldy spots gone ! These dolls were over 30 years old and now look soooo good! Would recommend Sniper for other uses, too. Doggy rug smells gone! Smelly shoe odors gone. Grateful to Mary Hunts column for letting us know. 😊👍⭐️

Theresa Taylor

I Am Amazed at The Results!

I learned about Nok-Out from Mary Hunt’s Everyday Cheapskate column and had to try it. Shipping was so fast and your customer service is OUTSTANDING! I am amazed at the results! I even filled a tiny spray bottle to keep in my car. I won’t be wasting my money on any other cleaners anymore. You have a lifetime customer here. Thank you so much!

Natalia Johnson, Aug 28, 2018

Sniper Eliminated Our Mold Problems!

We’ve used SNiPER disinfectant for several years. It works great. It has eliminated our mold problems and, still, we use it to keep our wooden cutting boards safe.

Robert Moretti, Jr. , Oct 31, 2018
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